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Adagio 2.0 Basilica Hostel Review 2023 (Personally Tested)

May 25, 2023

Portrait of Adam Dimitrov.

Author: Adam Dimitrov — Budapester, Hungarian & City Expert/Guide

Are you planning to stay in Budapest and looking for a great hostel but need help deciding which one you should choose?

You're lucky because I've stayed at least one night in 8 hostels in Budapest in December 2023, including Adagio 2.0 Basilica Hostel.

In this article, you can read about my review of Adagio 2.0 Basilica Hostel based on personal experience, which made #8 on my best hostels list.

TL;DR Summary

Who is this hostel for? — Adagio is a solid option if you want a comfortable bed, a clean/minimalist environment, and don't care for the social aspects of hostel life.

What was the best part of staying here? — I really liked the decor of the common areas, but other than that I can't say I had a mind-blowing experience here. It simply doesn't have any distinctive features that would put it the "best" of any category.

What was the worst part of staying here? — The room was noisy due to it being next to a busy avenue. Thank God for earplugs.

Did I enjoy my stay here? Would I return? — It was okay, but I wouldn't return. I prefer Maverick Urban Lodge over Adagio 2.0, which is similarly cheap, but has better quality of life. Or Hostel One if I wanted a social-party hostel.

How much does it cost? Is it good value for money?  Prices start from 10€ per night, making Avenue Hostel an extremely affordable hostel. If you want a better deal with 2 free meals included, try Avenue Hostel.


This hostel is in the low range. Bunk beds start at 10€/night in the off-season and private rooms from 47€/night.


This hostel falls into the "hotel-like, at hostel prices" category. It works well if you're here for a few days on a business trip or just want to explore the city all day, and only come here to sleep.


The hostel is in the dead center of Budapest, next to the Basilica. The 100E airport shuttle bus stops nearby at Deak Ference square. Most of the nightlife options, the main attractions of the city, and other public transport options are also within walking distance of the hostel.


The receptionist was helpful and efficient, although not overly friendly. They have one receptionist available 24/7 - check-in was a breeze.


It was spacious, with modern bunk beds and average-sized lockers. The floor was made of parquet tiles, so it was squeaky. My room had a view of St. Peter's Basilica.

Noise levels are extremely high, since the hostel is right next to one of the busiest intersections of the city. Earplugs are a must.

The bed came with a privacy curtain, lamp, and socket - but was missing an item tray. The bed was spotless, had a solid metal frame, and wasn't squeaky.


The room has two private bathrooms - a separate bathroom and a toilet. They were both small but hygienic.


The kitchen is fully equipped with a microwave, coffee machine, and kitchenware, stove and oven.


There's no dedicated workspace for digital nomads, but the kitchen/dining table seemed okay for work.


The hostel is on the first floor but has no elevator. The building is in a busy intersection, so expect high noise levels. Only go here with earplugs.

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