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8 Best Hostels in Budapest in 2023 (Personally Tested)

Last updated: May 29, 2023

Portrait of Adam Dimitrov.

Author: Adam Dimitrov — Budapester, Hungarian & City Expert/Guide

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Best Overall Hostel
8.8/10 (+3300 reviews)

🏆 Editor's #1 Choice

✔️ tested by author

I spent 31 days here and can confidently say that the best hostel in Budapest is Maverick Urban Lodge. It has the perfect mix of good price, quality of life, and socialization.

Budapest has a rich and abundant hostel scene - so abundant that it attracted my attention, and long story short, I tried eight hostels myself.

The goal was to give honest recommendations with useful details while having a good time. So, if you're the type who appreciates personal recommendations, here are mine!

I was initially anxious - I'm 30 and have never been in a hostel before! I had many fears about privacy, safety, and the level of comfort I could expect, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Hostels are an affordable way to stay in any city regardless of age - you just got to choose the hotel that suits you.

Every hostel caters to different people and age groups, so I'm confident you'll find one that suits you from the list I made below.

Disclaimer: This website uses affiliate links. I get paid a small comission if you purchase anything through my links. It costs you nothing and makes my job financially sustainable. Cheers!

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The 8 Best Hostels in Budapest in 2023 (Summary)

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Quick facts
Maverick Urban Lodge
8.8/10 (+3300 reviews)
from 8€
4-bed room
Hostel One Budapest
8.9/10 (+850 reviews)
from 13€
8-bed room
7.8/10 (+6900 reviews)
from 8€
8-bed room
8.5/10 (+3400 reviews)
from 8€
6-bed room
A&O City Hostel
7.7/10 (+3100 reviews)
from 9€
6-bed room
Wombat's City Hostel
8.1/10 (+1350 reviews)
from 18€
6-bed room
9.0/10 (+1250 reviews)
from 13€
10-bed room
Adagio 2.0 Basilica
7.8/10 (+2000 reviews)
from 10€
8-bed room

Hostel categories in budapest

After sleeping in eight different hostels, I stumbled upon a cardinal truth: hostels are not created equal. There's a world of difference between individual hostels in vibe and quality.

Most hostels in Budapest fall into one of the following categories.

Of course, there can be an overlap between the different types, but usually, each hostel has a dominant vibe.

Party hostels

They're usually fun, and drinking is rampant. But, contrary to popular belief, it's generally (but not always) quiet after midnight due to district sound level regulations which intend to help locals have a good night's sleep.

So the party crowd usually takes off to a ruin bar to continue the fun. Activities are usually organized for an extra fee (e.g. pub crawls, boat tours or parties).

Hotel-like hostels

They're like hotels, but cheaper. They're great if you don't care for the social aspects of hostel life, and all you want is a bed, a room, and getting on with your business.

Homely hostels

Hostels like these feel like you're living in a flat. They're usually small hostels with 1-2 employees at best, and everybody is more intimate than in an impersonal, functional hostel.

Social Hostels

Social hostels feel like a college dorm where you can meet or bump into people, but there are no parties to worry about. They have an upbeat, easygoing, and energetic vibe.

Digital Nomad Hostels

They always have fast Wi-Fi, dedicated workspaces for digital nomads, and a bar or a café. You recognize them by the minimalist coworking office-like design instantly.

Top 5 Factors When Choosing A Hostel

Since I was a hostel virgin not long ago, I wasn't sure what to expect. But now that I slept in more hostels than 98% of the population, I can give some helpful advice on what to consider when choosing a hostel:


Shared rooms are incredibly affordable in Budapest. There are excellent quality hostels in the 8€-12€ range!

However, fridays and Saturdays can be 2-3 times as expensive. I recommend reserving them, as rooms go fast on those days.

Special occasions (like the time around Christmas or New Year's Eve or when the Sziget festival starts) can be even more expensive.

Lastly, the high season (i.e., summer) is generally more expensive.

Private rooms (for solo travelers, couples, families, or friend groups) with 1-8 beds are also available, usually between 40€-80€ a night.


Some hostels offer more privacy than others. I recommend going for hostels with fewer beds per room, private bathrooms, and bed curtains to ensure maximum privacy.

Hostel type

If you're young, party and social hostels will virtually guarantee that you'll have the time of your life in Budapest.

If you're over 40, you may prefer to avoid hanging around a crowd 15-20 years your junior - that is when hotel-like hostels come into play.

Sometimes there are great blends between social and hotel-like, like Flow Spaces.


The exciting stuff in Budapest is in the city center. That's why all the hostels in this list are as central as they get.

A more important detail is whether the hostel is near a busy avenue or a quiet sidestreet. We all want to sleep well and not feel like crap the following day, so avoiding the 6-lane roads with trams humming around is paramount.


Here's a list of things you want in a hostel to make your stay as comfortable, convenient, and safe as possible:

The 8 Best Hostels in Budapest in 2023 (Detailed Breakdown)

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#1: Maverick Urban Lodge

Best Overall Hostel — Best for Long Stays
8.8/10 +3400 reviews (Booking.com)
9.0/10 +800 reviews (Hostelworld)
💡 This Maverick Urban Lodge Review is based on a 1-night (2022 December) and 1-month stay (March 2023).

Maverick Urban Lodge is the place to be for comfort seekers looking for a short or long-term stay. It's like your own college dorm room, perfect for even month-long stays.

Its central location, yet in the quieter 9th district, provides easy access to nightlife, public transport, and the 100E airport shuttle stop.

The rooms resemble a modern dorm setup, equipped with large lockers, privacy curtains, and high-quality shared bathrooms. Normal hostel noises may be expected, but street noise is minimal.

In terms of pricing, Maverick offers exceptional value for money, with off-season rates starting from just 9€ per night for a bunk bed. Even in the high season, prices remain reasonable considering the quality of the hostel.

While the hostel is top-notch overall, its kitchen can feel cramped and in need of more and better equipment, especially if you plan on a long stay. With limited cooking space and an always-packed fridge, it's the one area for improvement.

Despite this, Maverick Urban Lodge promises a convenient, comfortable, and budget-friendly stay in Budapest.


✔️ I liked that everything was so new, modern, spacious, and high quality.

✔️ I liked the low price I paid for a 4-bed room.

✔️ The coffee in the lounge bar was reasonably priced and perfectly (!) made.


❌ One of the kitchen staff was a loud-mouthed talker that bothered me a bit.

Maverick Urban Lodge Video Review

Quick Facts

🧑 Perfect for:

🛏️ Rooms offered:

🏷️ Prices:

🧖 Most important amenities:


#2: Hostel One

Best Party Hostel & Social Atmosphere
8.9/10 +850 reviews (Booking.com)
9.4/10 +3900 reviews (Hostelworld)
💡 My Hostel One Review is based on a 1-night stay (2022 December) and several revisits to the bar.

Hostel One Budapest is an excellent choice for those who love socializing, making friends, and partying. The place buzzes with a social atmosphere that encourages making connections and having fun. The environment is vibrant, with guests being far more relaxed and open-minded than your average crowd.

Hostel One boasts a prime location in the 7th District (also called the Jewish Quarter) near the airport shuttle stop, nightlife, and city attractions.

The rooms are spacious, with secure storage stashes and lockers. The beds offer privacy and comfort, though they lack storage space for personal items like your phone. Noise levels are reasonable, with partying ending around 11-12 pm, ensuring a peaceful sleep.

Regarding cost, Hostel One might be pricier than other Budapest hostels, but you get your money's worth if you value the opportunity to socialize and have an outgoing party experience.

The only noteworthy downside was in the showers - water temperature can fluctuate unpredictably, and the thanks to a poorly placed sensor, the lights constantly turn off. Yet, despite these inconveniences, my experience was overwhelmingly positive.


✔️An extraordinarily sociable and welcoming atmosphere.

✔️ Activities organized every day during the day and night.

✔️ Despite being a party hostel, sound discipline is enforced after midnight.


❌ Showering sucks due to changing water temperature and a light that keeps turning off because of a poorly placed sensor.

Hostel One Video Review

Quick Facts

🧑 Perfect for:

🛏️ Rooms offered:

🏷️ Prices:

🧖 Most important amenities:


#3: Avenue Hostel

Best Value Hostel
7.8/10 +6900 reviews (Booking.com)
8.6/10 +6400 reviews (Hostelworld)
💡 My Avenue Hostel Review is based on a 1-night stay (2022 December).

Avenue Hostel is the go-to hostel for budget-conscious travelers seeking significant savings on both accommodation and meals in Budapest.

The rooms are standard, with a veil in the middle for a semblance of privacy. Expect an impersonal vibe and packed rooms with modest cleanliness standards and lacking privacy curtains. Noise from the busy avenue can be a bother, but it's manageable with earplugs.

Its central location near Oktogon offers easy access to the city's attractions, party district, and public transport.

The hostel's key selling point is its budget-friendly offerings. Starting at just 9€ per night, guests can enjoy free breakfast and discounted dinner meals with a minimum 3€ bar spend. This arrangement is particularly enticing in light of Hungary's high food inflation.

Check-ins are straightforward at the 24/7 front desk. You can conveniently sign up for events and tours upon arrival. The shared bathrooms and communal kitchen are adequate, if unremarkable.

While Avenue Hostel doesn't offer luxury, it delivers practicality and affordability. Its modest offerings are balanced by its wallet-friendly pricing, making it a solid choice for budget-focused travelers.

Avenue Hostel Video Review


✔️ The complimentary breakfast and discounted dinner make this a great stay if you're on a tight budget.


❌ The quality and cleanliness of the entire place were mediocre.
❌ Padlocks are not included in room lockers, but you can buy them for a reasonable price (3€).
❌ No social atmosphere, personal touch, or events. Too impersonal.

Quick Facts

🧑 Perfect for:

🛏️ Rooms offered:

🏷️ Prices:

🧖 Most important amenities:


#4: Flow Spaces

Great Social Atmosphere & Vibe
8.5/10 +3500 reviews (Booking.com)
8.6/10 +2900 reviews (Hostelworld)
💡 My Flow Spaces Review is based on a 1-night stay (2022 December).

Flow Spaces presents a beautiful blend between a hostel's sociable atmosphere and a hotel's calm, perfect for those desiring a middle ground. With a vibe reminiscent of a college dorm, this hostel is ideal for budget travelers seeking a balanced experience.

Flow Spaces is in a peaceful 9th district of the city center, just a few minutes walk from Central Market Hall and the airport shuttle stop. Although it's not in the heart of Budapest's nightlife, it's easily accessible by foot or public transport.

The rooms, while somewhat small, feature large, comfortable beds equipped with privacy curtains and a storage box. In addition, the ever-helpful reception staff, available around the clock, ensures a smooth check-in experience. Note that the hostel doesn't have an elevator, so be prepared to climb a few flights of stairs.

Starting at a wallet-friendly 9€ per night, Flow Spaces offers excellent value.

While the communal co-ed bathrooms, lacking a private dressing area, and somewhat limited room space may be inconvenient, the hostel still provides a pleasant stay.

With a welcoming and sociable atmosphere, a quiet workspace, and a well-equipped kitchen, Flow Spaces offers a unique hostel experience worth considering.


✔️ Front desk available 24/7. Friendly and helpful reception staff.

✔️ Social atmosphere, easy to meet travelers.

✔️ Bed with curtains for privacy, electric socket, lamp and item tray and an item box.

✔️ Item stash (padlock included!).

✔️ Lounge with laptop-friendly work area.


❌ Co-ed communal bathrooms

❌ No elevator (the hostel is on the 3rd floor).

❌ My sheet had some female hairs on it (although it was washed), but the hostel overall is hygenic.

❌ Unorganized fridges (I lost some food that I bought).

Quick Facts

🧑 Perfect for:

🛏️ Rooms offered:

🏷️ Prices:

🧖 Most important amenities:


#5: A&O Budapest City Hostel

Best Hotel-like Hostel
7.7/10 +3100 reviews (Booking.com)
8.3/10 +150 reviews (Hostelworld)
💡 My A&O Budapest City Hostel Review is based on a 2-night stay (2022 November).

A&O City Hostel is the go-to choice for budget-minded guests who value comfort and quiet over a buzzing social scene. 

Slightly outside the heart of Budapest but still centrally located, it's a stone's throw away from the vibrant Jewish district and convenient transport links.

The rooms are minimalistic and spacious, with a private bathroom and storage cage (for which they don't provide a padlock). The shower is top-notch. The beds have everything one can desire, save for a curtain for privacy. Noise levels are reasonable. It's worth noting that my pillow appeared used and slightly dirty.

The hostel's lounge offers a fantastic laptop workspace, a designated breakfast area, and ample space to relax and unwind. However, the (optional) breakfast provided seemed to consist of generic and uninspiring hotel fare, which I found to be overpriced at 8€.

Starting from an affordable 7€ per night, A&O offers excellent value for money. However, keep in mind that an extra charge applies for bed linens (around 3€). 

Despite a few downsides, such as the pillow cleanliness and the bed linen fee, A&O's cost-effectiveness and convenience make it an appealing option for no-frills travelers prioritizing a tranquil environment and workspace facilities.


✔️ Simple, quiet and clean room, with a mind-blowing shower.

✔️ They happily stored my laptop at the secure item storage at the reception.

✔️ The lounge has a superb laptop-friendly work area.


❌ Bed linens and towel cost an additional 1150HUF (~3€).

❌ Padlock is NOT included for room item stash.

❌ Too hotel-like atmosphere (subjective - I like hotels with a social atmosphere).

❌ My pillow could've used a replacement (read: it was dirty), but the hostel overall is hygenic.

❌ They serve a bland breakfast for 8€ (optional).

Quick Facts

🧑 Perfect for:

🛏️ Rooms offered:

🏷️ Prices:

🧖 Most important amenities:


#6: Wombat's City Hostel

Best Low-key Party Hostel — Best Location
8.1/10 +1400 reviews (Booking.com)
8.7/10 +12200 reviews (Hostelworld)
💡 My Wombat's City Hostel Review is based on a 1-night stay (2022 December).

Wombat's Budapest is a hub for young travelers who want to experience Budapest's nightlife. This place pulses with youthful energy and a laid-back ambiance, making it an ideal low-key party hostel.

Located on Király Street in Budapest's nightlife district, Wombat's provides excellent access to the city's main attractions and various public transport options.

The comfort level of the 8-bed room was on par with other hostels. The beds were basic but clean, featuring a lamp and a socket, though no privacy curtain or item tray.

The lockers were small, so I could only store my backpack and laptop inside and my luggage outside. Noise levels remained low thanks to the room facing a quiet inner courtyard.

Regarding pricing, Wombat's is considered pricier than other options in Budapest, with bunk beds starting at 17€/night in the off-season and private rooms from 65€/night. While its prime location is a major selling point, the hostel's offerings might not entirely justify the above-average prices for some guests.

The other downside at Wombat's, other than the higher price point, is the rather mundane quality of some facilities. The bathrooms, for instance, while clean, are just ordinary.

However, the quality of the guests was a definite highlight, and the opportunity to meet and party with interesting travelers from around the globe more than made up for these minor issues.

Overall, Wombat's Hostel delivers a solid experience for the young, social traveler looking for a convenient location to explore and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Budapest.


✔️ Easy going social atmosphere, easy to meet people.

✔️ The hostel is quiet despite being a party hostel (read: you can have a good night's rest).

✔️ Front desk available 24/7. Secure luggage storage room.


❌ The prices could be more reasonable. I didn't feel the hostel offered anything special to justify the price.

Quick Facts

🧑 Perfect for:

🛏️ Rooms offered:

🏷️ Prices:

🧖 Most important amenities:


#7: Zen Hostel

Best Cozy & Homely Hostel
9.0/10 +1200 reviews (Booking.com)
9.2/10 +100 reviews (Hostelworld)
💡 My Zen Hostel Review is based on a 1-night stay (2022 December).

Zen Hostel is a delightful retreat for those seeking a small, cozy place that feels more like a home than a hostel. This spot is ideal for those who value meaningful conversations with fellow guests, all while sipping a hot cup of tea on the comfy couch.

Settled in a quieter 9th district within the city center, it might not be in the nightlife hub, but it's conveniently reachable by public transport or a leisurely stroll. A few minutes walk will lead you to attractions like the Central Market Hall and the 100E airport shuttle bus stop.

Zen Hostel's rooms are spacious, accommodating up to 8-10 people with ample open space and a handy table. The beds are clean and comfy, albeit they lack privacy curtains and are squeaky. There are no secure storage, just small closets.

Noise from traffic is practically non-existent, though this could vary as some rooms face a busy avenue.

In terms of pricing, Zen Hostel is slightly above average. Bunk beds start at 13€/night, while private rooms begin at 32€/night. While not the best value-for-money, those who cherish a homey vibe and prime location will find Zen Hostel to be a worthwhile choice.

However, Zen Hostel isn't without its shortcomings. The hostel lacks the amenities, efficiency, and quality of life that larger hostel chains offer. The bathrooms, though adequate, could improve in terms of cleanliness.

The kitchen is somewhat plain and just includes the essentials. The hostel also has a narrow check-in window, from 2 to 9 pm, potentially causing inconvenience for late arrivals.

Another downside is the building itself. Lacking an elevator and with the hostel on the first floor, accessibility could pose a problem for some. The hostel's entrance is also tricky to spot, as evidenced by guests struggling to find the door inside the building.

While Zen Hostel offers a comfortable stay, a serene vibe, and a great location, it may not cater to everyone's needs. But for those seeking a quiet, homely retreat, Zen Hostel could be a cozy hideaway in the city's heart.


✔️ Julien was a great "1-person team" managing the entire hostel. She was friendly, helpful, and upbeat. She's the reason this hostel gets 9/10 ratings.
✔️ You could strike up conversations anywhere. The living room sofa was a great place to chat with others.
✔️ If you like the cozy-homely feel, this is heaven.


❌ Julien was juggling too many balls at once - she needed at least another person with her duties.
❌ Check-in isn't 24/7 - Julien leaves at 9 pm. Checking in also took a long time.
❌ Since Julien was gone for random tasks, sometimes doorbell rings went unanswered.
❌ No lockable item stash available.
❌ No nomad-friendly facilities (like a workspace with a socket).

Quick Facts

🧑 Perfect for:

🛏️ Rooms offered:

🏷️ Prices:

🧖 Most important amenities:


#8: Adagio Hostel 2.0 Basilica

A Solid Hotel-like Hostel
7.8/10 +2000 reviews (Booking.com)
7.9/10 +1700 reviews (Hostelworld)
💡 My Adagio 2.0 Basilica Hostel Review is based on a 1-night stay (2022 December).

Adagio 2.0 Hostel is your place if you're all about a good night's sleep in a clean and comfortable environment. While it might lack the wow factor or unique selling points, it's strong on providing the basics done right. The common areas are tastefully decorated, contributing to a modern, sleek vibe.

The hostel is centrally located in Budapest, next to St. Peters Basilica, meaning you have easy access to the best of the city's attractions, nightlife, and public transport, including the 100E airport shuttle bus that stops nearby at Deak Ference Square.

The rooms at Adagio are spacious, featuring contemporary bunk beds and standard-sized lockers. Equipped with privacy curtains, lamps, and sockets, the beds offer all essentials except a personal items tray. The parquet floor lends a classy touch but can be a little creaky. The rooms house two clean, albeit small, private bathrooms.

However, the hostel's location next to a busy intersection comes with the downside of noise. Earplugs are necessary unless you're comfortable sleeping in a noisy environment.

In terms of cost, Adagio 2.0 won't burn a hole in your pocket. With bunk bed rates starting at just 10€ per off-season night and private rooms from 47€ per night, it offers real bang for your buck.

Even though the reception service is efficient, don't expect a warm, fuzzy welcome. And while the hostel doesn't offer a dedicated workspace for digital nomads, the kitchen/dining table could serve as a workable solution.

All things considered, Adagio 2.0 Hostel is a solid pick for those looking for budget-friendly, minimalist accommodation in a fantastic location. But if you're keen on a more sociable experience or crave higher quality facilities, consider Maverick Urban Lodge or Hostel One instead.

Portrait of Adam Dimitrov.

Quick Summary — (Based on a 1-night stay)

Adagio falls into the category of an "also great" hostel. It simply doesn't have any distinctive features that would put it the "best" of any category. However, it's a solid option if you want a comfortable bed, a clean/minimalist environment, and don't care for the social aspects of hostel life.

-> Read detailed review of Adagio 2.0 Basilica


✔️ Excellent, clean private bathroom.

✔️ Excellent location.

✔️ Not as busy as some other hostels, one can have more privacy.


❌ The noise levels in my room were high due to the traffic.

❌ No elevator (the hostel is on the first floor).

❌ No social atmosphere or personal touch. Too impersonal.

Quick Facts

🧑 Perfect for:

🛏️ Rooms offered:

🏷️ Prices:

🧖 Most important amenities:


Frequently asked questions

What are the best hostels in Budapest for solo travellers?

All the hostels I included in the article are great options for solo travelers. However, if you're here for a few days, want to have a blast, and make friends on easy mode, go with Hostel One. This hostel is the best thanks to its lively atmosphere and social events, making it easy to meet other travelers and make new friends.

How much does it cost to stay at these hostels?

You can expect to pay around €10-€25 per night for a bed in a dormitory room and €40-€60 per night for a private room.

The hostels' prices vary depending on the time of year, room type, and other factors. However, all of them offer affordable accommodation options for budget-conscious travelers.

What criteria did you use to choose the best hostels in Budapest?

I personally visited and tested the hostels on this list and evaluated them based on location, cleanliness, comfort, facilities, price, and overall experience.

What is the best location to stay in Budapest?

If you're looking for a lively and vibrant atmosphere, stay in the 7th district (Jewish Quarter). This area is the center of the city's nightlife and is home to many bars, restaurants, and cafes. Hostel One and Wombat's City Hostel have the perfect location in this regard.

What are the best party hostels Budapest?

  1. Hostel One Budapest
  2. Wombat's City Hostel
  3. Grandio Party Hostel Budapest
  4. The Hive Party Hostel
  5. Udvarom Party Hostel

What should I bring with myself to a hostel?

You're asking for trouble if you go unprepared to a hostel. To have the best experience, bring these with you:

  • Mandatory: ear plugs, eye cover (!)
  • Basics: slippers, pajamas, phone charger, wet wipes, deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste
  • Optional (check if it's included or not at your hostel): towel, padlock, shampoo, shower gel