Hey, I'm Adam.

I'm the founder of Budapestadventures.com. I'm a Hungarian-born entrepreneur living in Budapest.

I aim to make planning your itinerary in Budapest simple and easy, and I want to ensure that your trip is unforgettable and problem-free.

I do this by being a tourist myself I find things to do & see in Budapest, try them, then write ridiculously detailed guides about them.

This way, I can offer you valuable and reliable recommendations, unlike the brief and unhelpful advice you tend to find on Google nowadays.

Isn't this how travel recommendations are supposed to work?

There's no second chance when it comes to spending your holiday. I understand that a bad experience with a tour or accommodation can ruin your entire trip.

This ain't Amazon - there are no refunds.

I'm your "boots on the ground" to ensure you have a great time in Budapest - so you don't fly here for nothin'.

I have a knack for creating high-quality and detailed articles and videos. I'm also good with attention to detail - so this is one way I'm providing value to the world.

Thank you for considering Budapestadventures.com for your travel planning needs.