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How to Get from Budapest Airport to The City Center

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Adam Dimitrov

Updated November 8, 2022

Cheapest: Airport Bus 100E | Best Value: Minibud Shuttle Bus | Most Convenient: Bolt

If you're arriving in Budapest and curious how to get from the airport to the city center, this guide was meant for you. There are 3

Cheapest: Airport Bus 100E

100E autobus in front of Budapest 2a terminal.

Bus 100E is Budapest's public service airport bus. It's cheap, easy, and comfortable to use. It drops you off straight in the city center. You can use it to return to the airport too.

You can buy a ticket in the BudapestGo app  (Android or IOS) or at a ticket vending machine near the bus stop.

The bus stop is to the left as you exit the 2A airport terminal.

💡 Note: This ride is excluded from all public transport passes - you must buy the tickets separately.

Best Value: Minibud Shuttle Bus

Minibud airport transfer in front of Liszt Ference International Airport.

Minibud is the biggest and most affordable door-to-door shuttle service company in Budapest.

It's more comfortable than the 100E bus but less expensive than a taxi if you're traveling solo.

Most Convenient: Bolt Ridesharing

Bolt ridesharing app taxi ordering screen.

Bolt is the Hungarian equivalent of Uber or Cabify. It's affordable and convenient to use.

You download the app, then simply type in the destination, and a Bolt driver will arrive within minutes. You're given a price range, so it's impossible to be ripped off.

It's perfectly reliable between 00:00-05:00 too, in case you have a late departure.

💡 Tip: Avoid hailing taxis off the street, as they are notorious for ripping off tourists. Always use Bolt or Főtaxi's app where you pay in the app.