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The 3 Best Unlimited Prosecco Cruises in Budapest (Local's Guide)

Last updated: Sep 18, 2023

Portrait of Adam Dimitrov.

Author: Adam Dimitrov — Budapester, Hungarian & City Expert/Guide

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of boat tour options in Budapest? 

Then let me help you choose the best unlimited prosecco cruise for you, with the best guide on the topic in existence.

To give honest and accurate recommendations on the best river cruises in Budapest, I decided to personally test the most popular cruises of every major cruise company in Budapest, backed up with photos and details and even a video.

That's seven companies and a dozen cruises tested!

As the person with the most boat tour laps on the Danube under his belt, I have handpicked the 3 best unlimited prosecco cruises in Budapest from my many voyages based on their exceptional quality, uniqueness, or value for money.

Let's get started!

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Best River Cruises in Budapest in 2022

Best Dinner Cruise: Mahart's Sightseeing Cruise



Summary & Comparison — Top 3 Unlimited Prosecco Cruises in Budapest

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Budapest Boat Party
4.1 +235 reviews

Reviews calculation: I am using the total review count of the activity from GetYourGuide, Tripadvisor and Viator.

Boat Tour Itinerary & Landmarks

💡 Tip: Remember that the decorative city lights are turned off at 23:00 from Mar 26 to Oct 29 (daylight savings time) and at 22:00 from Oct 30 to Mar 31 (standard time).

To truly immerse yourself the breathtaking beauty of the city, there's no better way than embarking on a river cruise. During such cruises, you'll be treated to a captivating array of iconic landmarks and attractions in Budapest, including:

  • Hungarian Parliament
  • Buda Castle
  • Matthias Church
  • Fisherman’s Bastion
  • Gellert Hill/Citadella
  • Gellért Spa
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • A host of historic bridges, including the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Margaret Bridge, Liberty Bridge, and Petőfi Bridge
  • Margaret Island
  • Palace of Arts
  • National Theatre

Most cruises follow a circular route between the southern end of Margaret Island at Margaret Bridge and just south of Liberty Bridge. This route covers most of the significant landmarks in Budapest.

South of Liberty Bridge are two nice-to-see-but-not-obligatory landmarks, the National Theatre (below) and the Palace of Arts (above), which are as beautiful as the Parliament and Buda Castle. However, they are not included in every boat tour's itinerary - check before booking your cruise.

Some cruises, like Legenda,Hungaria Kooncert and Silverline, have a complete itinerary that includes these offbeat landmarks.

💡 You can optionally disembark on Margaret Island on Legenda's daytime cruise and the BKK-Mahart cruise, stroll around the island, and rejoin the next cruise later.

Video — Best River Cruises in Budapest

Detailed Breakdown — Top 3 Unlimited Prosecco Cruises in Budapest

1. Budapest Night Cruise with Unlimited Prosecco and Lemonade

Best Unlimited Prosecco Cruise — Rubin Group — 90 Min — 25€
4.7 +6030 reviews (Getyourguide)
4.5 +1250 reviews (Viator)
4.5 +750 reviews (Tripadvisor)
A row of glasses with prosecco on Rubin Group's booze cruise.


✔️ #1 Most Affordable Booze Cruise — Experience Budapest's most economical unlimited prosecco cruise on the Danube.

✔️ Excellent Ship — The ship features a charming open-air top deck and two indoor decks with a sophisticated cocktail party-like ambiance.

✔️ Unlimited Drinks — Drink all the prosecco and lemonade you want.

✔️ Leisurely 90-Minute Ride — More than enough time to savor your drinks, though drinking responsibly is advised by Prosecco and Co.urge you to drink responsibly)


Mediocre Food Platter — For an extra 10€, the food platter is disappointing and hardly qualifies as 'gourmet.'

Remote Meeting Point — The departure area near Margaret Island is not easily accessible.

Inaudible Audio Guide — The ambient noise from passengers drowns out the audio guide, but most are too busy enjoying their drinks to notice.


❓ Is buying food or drinks while on a river cruise in Budapest possible?
💡 Food is not typically included on standard sightseeing cruises. However, you can purchase snacks and drinks at the ship's kitchen bar.

The Rubin Group's boat tour is an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable cocktail-party atmosphere with unlimited prosecco and lemonade. The attentive servers are always on hand to keep guests' glasses full.

The top deck boasts breathtaking 360° views of the cityscape during the 90-minute river cruise, while the two indoor decks offer a cozy and inviting ambiance.

As for the less rosy aspects of this cruise, the optional food platter isn't worth the 10€ price, and the audio guide may be difficult to hear over the party noise. Additionally, the meeting point is further from the city center, so getting there may take some extra time and effort.

Overall, if you're looking for a leisurely cruise centered around drinks and stunning views, the Rubin Group's boat tour is an outstanding choice.

🎥 Video: Watch my video summary with live footage of Rubin Group's booze cruise.

About Rubin Group

Rubin Group is another solid company, operating since (at least) 2015. They specialize in gastro-themed events rather than standard sightseeing cruises.

Detailed Breakdown

The Ship

Rubin Group's booze cruise ship, with guests waiting to board on the right.
  • The ship was impressive with a spacious 3-level design and a cocktail party atmosphere. Passengers were seated at 2-person tables.

The Top Deck

The illuminated Liberty Bridge Citadel Statue on Gellért Hill at night, from the perspective of Rubin Group's booze cruise.
  • The top deck offered stunning, unobstructed 360° views. It was the perfect spot for taking photos and enjoying the sights. This is the best place to be during the warmer months.

The Mid and Bottom Deck

The interior of Rubin Group's booze cruise with guests enjoying themselves.
  • There are two indoor decks with plenty of seats and tables where the atmosphere is cozy and inviting.
  • The first passengers to board tend to get the best top deck spots, so it's worth arriving early if you want a prime spot.
The interior of Rubin Group's booze cruise with guests enjoying themselves.

The Drinks Refills

A glass of prosecco and a laid table on Rubin Group's booze cruise.
  • The servers were attentive, constantly refilling glasses with prosecco as soon as they were empty.
  • Self-service lemonade is available in two flavors — regular and one with a strange cucumber taste.

The Assorted Food Platter

Assorted food platter on Rubin Group's booze cruise.
  • The optional assorted food platter for 10€ wasn't what I wasexpecting.
  • It didn't match the advertised images and wasn't gourmet but ordinary, including simple fruits and vegetables, cheese and ham with two sauces, and a pastry dessert. The portion size was smaller than expected.
  • Save your money and skip the platter.

The Audio Guide

  • The loudspeaker audio guide was inaudible due to the passengers crowding out the narration.
  • They increased the volume upon my request, but the audio guide's content was too basic.

Quick Facts

  • 📅 Schedule: every day at 19:00 and 21:00
  • 🎟️ Ticket type: mobile or printed
  • ✔️ Onboard wi-fi: yes
  • ✔️ Open air deck: yes
  • ✔️ Air conditioning/heating: yes
  • ❌ Pets allowed: no, except service animals
  • ✔️ Smoking: yes, outside
  • ❌ Wheelchair accessible: no
  • ✔️ Baby stroller accessible: yes (at least the bottom deck)
  • ✔️ Infant/children discount: free for children (age 0-3)

How to Get There

  • 📍 Meeting point: Budapest, Szent István park 5, 1137
  • ❌ The meeting point is north of Margaret Bridge, which is slightly out of the way compared to other centrally located cruises.
  • 🗺️ Use the 2 or 4/6 tram line and get off at Jászai Mari tér. From there, walk 500 meters towards the north of Margaret Bridge until you spot a large red "0" sign.

2. Party Boat with Unlimited Prosecco

Floating Disco with Unlimited Prosecco — 2.5 Hours —  45€
4.1 +230 reviews (Getyourguide)
5 +5 reviews (Viator)


Enjoy an unforgettable time on Budapest's famous party cruise.

Choose from various ticket packages, including a basic ticket to purchase drinks at the bar or an unlimited drinks option.

The ticket offers a cloakroomfree bottled waterparty bus transfer to a nightclub, and skip-the-line entry. All included in the price.

🎥 Video: Watch this teaser video of the party cruise to get an idea of what to expect.

About Budapest Boat Party Ltd.

BP Boat Party is a cruise operator who organizes - you guessed it - party cruises. They've been operating since at least 2009. They are the best rated in the Budapest.

Detailed Breakdown

The Ship

  • The ship has the capacity to accommodate 400 guests and features two dance floors, one open-air and one indoor.

The Cloakroom

  • You will have free access to a secure cloakroom where you can leave your clothes and enjoy the party without any worries. Your belongings will be safely stored.

The Drinks

  • Four ticket packages range from a basic entry ticket with no drinks included to an unlimited drinks ticket and everything in between.
  • Drink options include a selection of beer, sparkling wine, vodka, rum, gin, and whisky.

Onboard DJ

  • The music selection offers a blend of 90s classics and contemporary EDM tunes.

Party Bus Transfer and Nightclub Skip-The-Line-Ticket

  • Your ticket includes entry to the after-party at a nightclub, and you'll get a free party bus ride with skip-the-line entry to it.

Quick Facts

  • 📅 Schedule: only on weekends at 21:30
  • 🎟️ Ticket type: mobile or printed
  • ✔️ Onboard wi-fi: yes
  • ✔️ Open air deck: yes
  • ✔️ Air conditioning/heating: yes
  • ❌ Pets allowed: no, only service animals
  • ✔️ Smoking: yes, outside
  • ❌ Wheelchair accessible: no
  • ❌ Baby stroller accessible: no
  • ❌ Infant/children discount: no

How to Get There

3. Folk Cruise with Unlimited Prosecco and Open Bar

Great Atmosphere — Hungaria Koncert — 2 Hours —  48€
4.1 +2520 reviews (Getyourguide)
4.0 +340 reviews (Viator)
4.5 +150 reviews (Tripadvisor)
Hungarian folk music performers entertaining guests with violin music on Hugaria Koncert's cruise boat.


I have already mentioned the dinner cruise offered by Hungaria Koncert.

However, they also offer a boat tour with drinks options. The basic ticket is reasonably priced and includes a drink. You can also upgrade to options offering craft beer, cocktails, exquisite wines, or even unlimited drinks.

This event is on the ship's lower deck and features a live folk violin trio to entertain you. There is also an open-air area where you can drink and enjoy spending time.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of an early 20th-century cabaret.

🎥 Video: Watch my video summary with footage of Hungaria Koncert's cruise. Even though this is about their dinner cruise, you'll be on the same vessel.

About Hungaria Koncert

Hungaria Koncert is a cruise operator and organizes different touristic activities. They've been operating since (at least) 1995.

Detailed Breakdown

The Ship

Guests waiting in line to board Gróf Széchenyi river cruise ship.
  • The interior of the ship has a classical and luxurious feel, including chandeliers, a teak wood interior, custom-made floor carpet, intarsia decorated walls, and more.

Indoor Area

The interior of Hungaria Koncert's river cruise boat with guests enjoying themselves.
  • The bottom deck area has the same 20th-century cabaret feel as the rest of the ship.

Outdoor Area

The openair section of Hungaria Koncert's river cruise ship on the top deck.
  • The outdoor side areas are available for sightseeing guests; the rest of the level is reserved for dinner guests.
  • The sides of the view offer 180° views, so unfortunately you can't see both Buda and Pest at the same time.

The Drinks

  • The basic ticket is reasonably priced and includes a drink.
  • You can also upgrade to options offering craft beer, cocktails, exquisite wines, or even unlimited drinks.
  • If you buy the more expensive tickets you will be seated upstairs in the dinner guest area instead of slightly less luxurious bottom deck area.

Quick Facts

  • 📅 Schedule: every day at 19:00, and on weekends at 22:00
  • 🎟️ Ticket type: mobile or printed
  • ✔️ Onboard wi-fi: yes
  • ✔️ Open air deck: yes
  • ✔️ Air conditioning/heating: yes
  • ❌ Pets allowed: no, only service animals
  • ✔️ Smoking: yes, outside
  • ❌ Wheelchair accessible: no
  • ✔️ Baby stroller accessible: yes
  • ✔️ Infant/children discount: free for children (age 0-5)

How to Get There

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for a river cruise during the winter or summer?

Summer: Have sunscreen, water, an umbrella, and sunglasses for daytime cruises in the warmer months.

In rainy weather, the open-air deck may be closed. In stormy weather, cruises are canceled. They'll either refund you or offer an alternative cruise if this happens.

Winter: The heated cabin's windows tend to fog up, blocking the views, depending on how well the windows are insulated.

You can always go out to get a few photo shots, then rush back to the safety of the heated cabin. Open-air sightseeing during the winter can be less enjoyable due to cold weather and winds, so it's best to dress warmly, wear layers, and protect your face.

How can I avoid overcrowded boat tours?

If you want to avoid crowded boat tours, you can follow these steps: visit during the off-season, choose daytime tours instead of night tours, or opt for more expensive cruises.